The Best Dungeons & Dragons YouTube Channels

There is a lot of great content for Dungeons & Dragons, but there is also a lot of bad content.  You don’t want to waste your time sifting through tons of videos on D&D to figure out what the best D&D YouTube channels are, so we’ve done the work for you.

We’ll go over some of the best Dungeons & Dragons Youtube Channels in this article. These channels provide interesting content such as statistics, gameplay, reviews, how-to’s, opinions, tips, and tricks, among other things. We’ll discuss why you should subscribe to these channels and what makes them so good.

YouTube Channels To Teach You D&D

  • Don’t Stop Thinking – Their playlist on how to play dungeons and dragons 5e is the playlist I always point new people to so they can learn to play.  The explanations are clear, the rules are broken down well, and you’ll walk away from the series of around 12 videos with a very good idea of how to play D&D.  Plus the animations are also really cool.
  • Dungeon Dudes – Dungeon Dudes has a lot of in-depth videos on specific D&D topics, such as how to take actions during combat or how to cast spells, as well as some character creation videos. So if you’re stumped on a particular subject, there’s a good chance they’ll have an explanation video that will clear things up for you.

YouTube Channels To Improve Your DM Skills

  • Sly Flourish – Sly flourish is one of my favourite DMs to follow for advice.  He’s the author of Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master, a book about how to quickly prepare for DM sessions to keep the work required down.  And he’s generous enough to give away most of that advice and more on his YouTube channel as well.
  • Dungeon Craft – Professor Dungeon Master, who runs Dungeon Craft, is also up there in my favourite DMs to follow for advice.  My favourite part about this channel is the advice on how to simplify the game and modify the rules, bringing in aspects from different game designers to keep things fun.  As I am often playing with kids, people new to D&D, or people who are pretty time-poor, all this advice is great to keep my games light and casual.
  • Matthew Colville – Matthew Colville has a playlist called “Running the Game” which may be the #1 resource for people who are learning to be a DM.  The first few episodes take you from complete beginner to creating and running your own adventure, and then after that, there are many more episodes on how to refine your skills.
  • Wally DM – Is another one of my favourite channels as he has a playlist of around 100 puzzles for D&D, which is an amazing resource if you are looking for puzzles for Dungeons & Dragons.  I often visit his channel to look for a suitable puzzle for an adventure I’m running.
  • Geek and Sundry’s GM Tips – How can you ignore advice from Matthew Mercer (the DM of Critical Role), arguably the most well-known DM of all time? There’s a lot of great information here about how to run tabletop games, with a focus on storytelling and making games more immersive. After you’ve watched some of the above-mentioned running the game series and played a game or two, this is probably the place to go.
  • How to be a Great GM – Another YouTube channel on how to DM, I think this one’s strength is in teaching creativity and narration, with topics like creating a good campaign, creating good NPCs, designing fun adventures, and how to run specific things in your game like brawls or secret societies.
  • Matthew Perkins – Matthew has created some of the resources in our favourite D&D printables, and he gives good advice on how to utilise these.  I also very much enjoy his walkthroughs and advice on how to run certain adventures, as I find them very on point and all the advice quite good.
  • Web DM – This is similar to Dungeon Dudes in that it features two experienced DMs talking about their D&D adventures, but it focuses more on being a Dungeon Master. They cover a wide range of topics, including issues you may have while being a dungeon master and how to resolve them, as well as deeper dives into various D&D rule options so you can better understand them.

YouTube Channels Where You Can Watch Some D&D Games

  • Critical Role – Critical role has to be the most famous D&D playthrough of all time, and if you haven’t yet heard of Matt Mercer, go watch some of this channel to see some amazing DMing in action.  There are a few seasons of Critical Role now, and with each episode going for quite an extended time at 3-4 hours it is quite a commitment to watch (but well worth the time investment for some great entertainment).  And the story has been turned into its own campaign book if you want to play this yourself.
  • Acquisitions Incorporated – Chris Perkins from Wizards of the coast as DM along with some of the creators of Penny Arcade and PvP as players, this is a few years old now and is a fun series to watch and has much shorter episodes than critical role (30-120 minutes) so is much more approachable.  This one has also been so popular that it’s been turned into its own campaign book.
  • Relics & Rarities – Deborah Ann Wolls (from True Blood and Daredevil) is a fantastic DM, and this series has a fantastic story, excellent character roleplaying, and good humour. The set is also very thematic, with all of the props being very Dungeons & Dragons-related.
  • The Adventure Zone – A group of friends playing Dungeons and Dragons, there are over 100 episodes to watch of about 90 minutes each.  This is actually a podcast streamed over YouTube (so you can’t see them playing) so you can listen while doing other things.  It’s very entertaining and hilarious gameplay and is great to listen to help with your own improvisation skills as well.
  • Dice, Camera, Action – This is a pretty good series with Chris Perkins as the DM (the same DM as Acquisitions Incorporated) and they play through Curse of Strahd.  Chris is a phenomenal Dungeon Master so it’s a great one if you want to watch how a professional DM runs through a published campaign, just don’t watch it if you don’t want any spoilers for Curse of Strahd.

YouTube Channels About Creating Terrain And Painting Minis

  • Black Magic Craft – If you don’t have a 3D printer but want to make some terrain, black magic craft shows how to craft all sorts of terrain using foam core that looks amazing and can add realism to your games.
  • Goobertown Hobbies – For information on how to get started painting miniatures Goobertown Hobbies has some great videos that make painting really easy, and shows you quite a few different techniques to make your miniature painting look like you’re a pro even when you are just getting started.
  • Special mentions – this isn’t an article about crafting but there are plenty of great D&D related crafting YouTube channels, such as The DMs Craft, Wyloch, Crafting Muse, Real Terrain Hobbies, and Miniac.

D&D Related Edutainment YouTube Channels

  • XP to Level 3 – If you enjoy watching big personalities and want to hear opinions on Dungeons & Dragons in an entertaining way, this is a fun channel to watch.  Along the way, you’ll also learn some genuinely helpful tidbits of information about playing D&D and being a DM.
  • Dingo Doodles – Good animation and a good sense of humour makes this a fun channel to watch.  Dingo talks about her life, and a lot of it ends up being D&D stories and bits of information.  Not necessarily that educational, but it is entertaining.
  • Puffin Forest – Similar to Dingo Doodles, Puffin Forest also has good art and a good sense of humour.  These videos are mostly stories about playing D&D and other tabletop roleplaying games, as well as some playthroughs of D&D games, it’s a fun delve into someone’s personal experience of D&D.
  • Zee Bashew – More wonderful animation! Zee teaches you different aspects of D&D in an entertaining way. This is less on the absurd humour side than the above and more on the edutainment side.
  • JoCat – Bad humour with actual educational content that is quite relatable if you actually play D&D.  If you’re a fan of crude cartoons this may just be the channel for you.


There are plenty of Dungeons & Dragons related channels out there, and I’m sure there are plenty more I’m missing, but hopefully, this gives you a place to start looking for new ones to watch and maybe even inspire you to play more D&D.

These are some of my personal favourites and ones that I watch on a regular basis, but if you have more suggestions please feel free to get in contact and let me know your favourite channels.



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