Hi! My name is Claire, and I’m the creator of SordBord – a website all about tabletop gaming.

I’ve been into eurogames for a long time, loving the analytical nature of these games. But when my son needed a way to practice his creativity and socializing, we started playing D&D. Then my friends heard about it and they also wanted in, so I very quickly found myself deep in the world of tabletop RPGs.

When I started I did a lot of research on how to play, but it was quite overwhelming. There was information scattered everywhere, from forums, Reddit, YouTube, and blog posts. On top of figuring out the game rules themselves, I needed to figure out what the best way to play was, what gear I needed (or would make the game significantly better), and how to start being a good dungeon master (kids don’t have the patience to put up with a bad one).

Tabletop gaming can have such a positive effect on a person’s life. It’s a great way to socialize, make new friends, experience adventure, extend the imagination, and most of all to have fun away from the TV or video games. I want to share that with you.

So I wanted to make a resource that covered everything you need to get started playing D&D and other tabletop games. I’ve learned a lot from experience, and I want to share that knowledge to help you on your journey.