31 Gifts Dungeon Masters Will Actually Use

Understandably, you may not know what to buy the dungeon master in your life. They may already have books, dice, miniatures, and more, or you just don’t know enough about Dungeons & Dragons to know what would be useful to them. We want to make sure that you find the perfect gift, so we have compiled a list of our favorite and most useful gift ideas for those who love Dungeons & Dragons, giving you a wide variety of choices for an amazing gift!

We’ve broken the gifts into 3 types: gifts that will help your DM run the game; gifts that are not for use in the game; and vouchers and subscriptions that will show you put in a bit more thought into what they’d like than just giving cash.

Gifts that help a Dungeon Master run the game

These are gifts that help enhance the dungeon master experience, for use when DMing D&D.

1. Dice Sets

Variety is the spice of life and so too are dice sets. You may think your dungeon master has enough dice sets, but I assure you they don’t think so! A DM needs at least one full set of polyhedral dice, but the more sets they have the easier it is for them to have what they need on hand. Most people who play or DM Dungeons & Dragons also just like collecting dice because they look cool.

A dice set generally includes 7 dice in a variety of shapes. They can come in a variety of materials including plastic, metal, and precious stone. There are also a variety of colors, such as translucent, pearl, and even glow in the dark. Many DMs like to use different dice depending on what is happening in the game, for example, they may enjoy having a black and red set to roll on the table for all to see when a dramatic boss fight is happening. 

2. Dice Accessories

I mentioned Dungeon Masters like dice, well they also like accessories to go with those dice. That is dice bags, dice towers, and dice trays. 

A nice dice bag is perfect for your dungeon master to carry their sets of dice around to a games night. These little bags may even have pockets that make access super easy and make sure everything stays in place.

Dice towers make throwing dice fun, plus they look cool. There are many different varieties of dice towers out there, but they all do the same thing – make rolling your dice a little more fun and flashy.

Dice trays protect the table from getting dented by dice and make sure each player has a spot to keep their dice. Dungeon masters often get dice trays with different sections, that help keep everything organized and easy to find and stop the dice from getting mixed up with a bunch of other items on the table.

3. Battlemat

If your DM doesn’t already have a nice battlemat then this is the perfect gift for them. A battlemat is a great addition to any DM’s arsenal, as it allows for easier combat tracking and offers a visual aid to help players understand what is happening in a fight.

There are many different varieties of battlemats to choose from, but the Chessex Mat is a little bit of luxury and is a very popular choice among Dungeons & Dragons players.

4. Modular Terrain

For the advanced DM who already has a lot of the basics, 3d modular terrain can add a lot of depth to their game. Modular terrain is incredibly versatile and can be used to create everything from small towns, dungeons, castles, or any other building that might come in handy. This type of terrain is great for making the game more immersive and providing that wow factor to the game.

There are many different types of modular terrain on the market but a few popular options include Dwarven Forge and Wizkids Warlock Dungeon Tiles.

5. Spell Cards

This is a really handy tool for any DM. Spell cards are great because they allow DMs to keep all of the spells easily on hand for reference, or they can hand these cards out to their players to help them keep track of what spells they have.

They come in different packs for the different classes in Dungeons & Dragons, with the spells on and information about them on the card. If you’re not sure which class to buy for, a popular choice is the Arcane deck, as this covers Wizards, Sorcerers, and Warlocks. This is a safe choice since a DM is quite likely to have a wizard in their party at some point, and they tend to have a lot of spells to manage.

6. Monster cards

These are a great addition to any dungeon master’s tool kit because they allow DMs to keep track of all the different monsters that they have in their game and easily reference what statistics and abilities each monster has when they’re running combat without having to flip through a book.

There are 2 decks of monster cards based on challenge rating, one that covers monsters of challenge rating 0-5 and another that covers those from 6-16. Both are likely to be used quite a bit, but if you’re only getting one the 0-5 monsters are going to end up being used more.

7. Additional Rule Books

Even if your DM already has the core rule books, there are quite a few additional rulebooks that are handy to have. These expand the game by adding new classes, rules, lore, and monsters. These are official rulebooks, and so you can be confident that they’re balanced and fair.

Some good options that are likely to be appreciated are Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, Volo’s Guide to Monsters, and Xanthar’s Guide to Everything.

8. Adventure Modules

These are perfect for people who are newer to DMing because they include everything you need to set up and run an adventure. But even for an experienced DM who likes to homebrew, these modules are filled with tons of cool monsters, NPCs, and dungeon encounters that can be tied into any game world to make it feel more alive.

Some good options for epic campaigns are Storm King’s Thunder or Curse of Strahd and for compilations of shorter adventures Ghosts of Saltmarsh or Candlekeep Mysteries. 

9. Miniatures and Paint

Miniatures are another nice-to-have for any dungeon master because it helps them to keep track of where everything is on the map and enhances the gaming experience.

If your DM is already into miniatures they’ll always be wanting more. Some new miniatures that they can paint and add to their collection will be much appreciated. A few good options are popular enemies such as goblins, orcs, or bandits, or something iconic like a mimic or a dragon.

If your DM is new to miniatures, a set designed for beginners that comes with a painting instruction booklet, a miniature or two to paint, and a basic variety of paints is a good choice. This lets them try their hand at painting and is a nice way to introduce them to a whole new aspect of the hobby.

10. Initiative Trackers

Most DMs will use something basic for initiative trackers such as folded-up index cards. But a nice initiative tracker can add some style to the game.

Some good options for physical trackers are trackers that go over the DM screen, trackers that are in the form of cardholders that sit at the table with slots to keep cards upright and easy-to-read, or more decorative options such as wooden poles or metal swords with flags held on by magnets.

Make sure to buy an initiative tracker where the labels can be written on with erasable markers for ease of use.

11. Deck of Many Things

The Deck of many things is a card deck that can be used in the game to pull random events, items, and encounters into the game, such as a powerful monster or an NPC ally.

This can be a fun but chaotic addition to any game, perfect for DMs who are looking to make their campaign more exciting.

12. Condition Rings

A fancy way to track conditions with a visual marker to represent what condition each monster or player has on them, these are a ring you put over a miniature that are different colors and have the condition name on the ring.

These rings were made famous for their usage by Matt Mercer on Critical Role, and have become popular because they are a helpful tool during combat. This is an excellent gift for both new and experienced DMs. 

13. Starter Set or Essentials Kit or Core Rulebook Gift Set

This can give a DM everything they need to start playing. These cover the essentials for running games and are an excellent gift idea for someone who wants to get into Dungeons & Dragons or someone who is a player and now wants to try their hand at being a Dungeon Master. 

The Starter Set is the best option for new DMs and is a great way to get into the hobby. A great alternative is the Essentials Kit which has some of the same material as well as a more flexible setting and some additional rules about creating characters.

The Core Rulebook Gift Set includes the Players Handbook, Dungeon Masters Guide, and Monster Manual. This gift set is best as a follow-on for DMs who’ve already run a few games (perhaps using the Starter Set or Essentials Kit) or for someone you know is serious about getting started in the hobby.

14. Storage / Travel Bag

A bag to store and carry all their gear is perfect for an organized Dungeon Master or a Dungeon Master on the go. A bag provides a helpful spot to keep all of their DM gear together and easily accessible in a single place. 

The Tabletop RPG Adventurer’s Bag has room to carry 8 books, dice, a hardshell area for miniatures, and bands to clip on roll-up mats. It’s everything a DM could want to store all their necessary gear for easy transportation.

15. Campaign Journal

This is a great gift for the DM who loves to plan and have everything organized. Not only does a journal allow them to keep track of all their campaign notes, but it also has pages specifically dedicated to NPC names, dungeon maps, or other information they may wish to document about various aspects of their game world.

16. DM Screen

This is one of the most important gaming accessories that a dungeon master can own. The DM Screen provides a protective barrier for the DM to hide their game notes, dice, and monster miniatures from players. It also has reference material on it for common rules and charts used during gameplay.

This is one of those gifts that may seem boring but will actually get used a lot because they are an integral part of being a dungeon master.

A popular choice is the DM Screen Reincarnated, but if your DM already has a standard DM screen a campaign-specific DM screen or a fancy customizable screen might be a nice upgrade.

Gifts that are not for in-game use

These are thematic gifts that may appeal to a dungeon master but aren’t designed to help play the actual game itself.

17. Coffee Mug

Coffee is necessary for a dungeon master! This present is ideal for them because they need to stay energized when playing games. A D&D quote or emblem on a mug is a fantastic idea.

18. Dungeons & Dragons Coloring Books

If your dungeon master is into artistic creativity in their downtime then they may love receiving one of these D&D-themed coloring books.

19. Heroes’ Feast Cookbook

Heroes’ Feast is a cookbook for all the epic fantasy fans looking to bring their game world alive by cooking with flavor. The cookbook is very thematic, providing tasty recipes that range from hearty meals that you’d expect to find at a dwarven feast, to delicate elf forest salads, and is filled with wonderful descriptions and photography.

This cookbook has some great themed recipes that will give your dungeon master a lot of new ideas for what to serve either when they are running their game, or for out-of-game entertainment.

20. Funko pops

Funko pops come in a variety of different designs, and D&D-themed characters are no exception. These little guys make great desk companions for any DM who needs that extra motivation to finish their campaign!

21. Stickers

Stickers are always a great gift for gamers, especially ones that they can use to decorate their dungeon master screen, laptop, or notebooks!

22. Clothing

Dungeon masters can get their geek on with some cool D&D-themed clothing. T-shirts and hoodies are a popular choice, but more recently novelty socks have become fashionable, such as these ones with D20s on them.

23. Framed Map

A framed map is a fantastic piece of art for any dungeon master. It can be used as decoration for a cool game room or office. While being a great piece of art, they also make an awesome reference if you can get a map of the location your DM has set their campaign in.

While these are available at many retailers, if you’re creative this is something you could make yourself for little cost.

24. Forgotten Realms Book Series

For the DM who enjoyed a good read, these R.A. Salvatore novels are set in the forgotten realms, and also make a great source of background knowledge and inspiration for D&D games. 

The most popular series is The Dark Elf Trilogy that is then followed on by the Icewind Dale Trilogy. Both are epic high fantasy with deep, vivid descriptions of the world. The Cleric Quintet is a good alternative if you’re after something a bit lighter.

Vouchers and Subscriptions

Don’t know what to give but still want to look thoughtful? A game-related voucher or subscription may be the perfect solution.

25. Heroforge Voucher

Heroforge is a service that lets you custom design a miniature and get it 3d printed. It’s a really cool gift for anyone that loves Dungeons & Dragons. A voucher is an ideal gift for the DM who would enjoy making their own miniatures for their game. But the DM is often the one that doesn’t ever get their own mini, so another idea is that you could make a custom mini of your DM and get it printed out.

26. Local Gamestore Gift Card

While not the most creative gift, lots of DMs will enjoy being able to pick out what they like, and supporting their local game store.

27. DMs Guild / Drive-Thru RPG Voucher

These two stores have countless digital DM supplements, adventures, and other content. You can find anything from a new race, to an in-depth city guide, all without leaving the computer, and is great for the DM who is always looking for new material.

Your DM will be able to find some really affordable goodies that they would love to have.

28. D&D Beyond Subscription

D&D Beyond is the official digital companion app for D&D. With it your DM will be able to manage characters, look up monster stats, create encounters, and much more!

There are also digital book bundles for the official D&D books available (ranging from a single book to expensive bundles), which are perfect for DMs who prefer to have everything accessible digitally and provide the advantage that the DM can easily share rule books with players. 

Dungeon Masters will love getting content that they can use in one place as it saves them time sorting through multiple books and PDFs.

29. Roll 20 Subscription

Roll20 is probably the most popular way to play D&D online, and a subscription to Roll20 provides your DM with premium features that will enhance their experience such as removing ads and dynamic lighting. If you play with your DM online, this will be an appreciated upgrade.

30. Syrinscape Subscription

A subscription music service designed specifically for RPGs will give your DM complete control over music and sound in their game.

Dungeons Masters will love getting a service that helps them set the mood for their game without having to spend hours searching through soundtracks or creating new music themselves.

31. Inkarnate Pro Subscription

A map creator tool with a very affordable yearly price will let your DM create awesome maps using the supplied assets or custom assets and then share them on their favorite platforms. This is a powerful map maker, which is easy to use but also has advanced features that more experienced DMs can take advantage of.

Dungeon masters often spend hours preparing games and creating maps, and a tool that makes this easier while creating aesthetically pleasing results will be an excellent gift for any Dungeon Master.


The best gifts for dungeon masters are ones that they will use, you don’t want to get something that will end up just sitting in a cupboard. We hope this guide helps you in your quest to find the perfect present for the DM in your life, whether it be for their birthday or the holiday season. Happy gifting!



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