12 Fantastic Dungeons & Dragons Gifts For Her

Have a female in your life that loves D&D?  There are a lot of great gifts you can buy for D&D, many are gender-neutral, but like a lot of nerdy hobbies, it can sometimes be difficult to find gifts that are more on the feminine side.

In this article, we are covering gifts that are more traditionally female gifts, for those of you who have a girly girl in your life who also happens to like D&D.

But D&D is an inclusive game, there’s no reason any gifts have to be specifically gendered.  So check out our other articles on Best Gifts for DMs or Best Gifts for Players as all of those are suitable for females too!

D&D Gifts for Females

1. Dice

Dice are really the best D&D gift.  You can give them to Dungeon Masters, to players, and you don’t even need to know anything about what they do in D&D to know that you are getting them a gift that they’ll use and love.

The best thing about dice is they come in so many varieties.  My youngest daughter has a set of sparkly pink dice that she absolutely loves!  I myself have a set of fairy dice that are swirling pink, purple and blue that I adore, and another set that is black with gold sparkles. If you want something a bit fancier we also cover what we think are the best dice sets for dungeons and dragons.

If you take a look around you can get dice to suit any personality, so while being an easy gift to purchase you can show you really put in thought to get something that suits the taste of the woman (or girl) you are buying for.

A few examples of great dice sets are:

2. Clothes – T-Shirts, Dresses & Skirts

A great gift for the gamer in your life is a set of clothes that are specifically designed to have the theme of their favourite game. From shirts and dresses to pants and skirts, there’s something here for every type of player.

My personal favourites are the ones that look like standard clothes with a pattern, and then when you look closely have D&D themed patterns on them, such as this patterned dress or this goblin themed skirt.  

T-shirts are also a good option, especially if they’re printed with a character, monster or item from D&D. For a t-shirt designed specifically for females, I really like this Dice Queen t-shirt or this one for something a bit less classy and more humorous.

A caveat here is that you always need to be careful buying clothes.  T-shirts are easier than other clothes but you really do want to make sure you get the size right or make sure you can swap the clothes over if they’re the wrong size.

3. Jewellery

Jewellery is a very traditional gift for women, and lots enjoy wearing more fun jewellery on days they have the opportunity to just be themselves and wear something casual.

These dice earrings are pretty cool, and these wax seal necklaces are nice and casual and come in a range of designs.  For something a bit classier this dice pendant or these necklaces that actually have a d20 in them are both very pretty.

4. Stickers

I feel like most females had sticker collections when they were young, and while I don’t still collect stickers I do still have a fascination with them, especially the higher quality decal style ones.

These D&D stickers are great to stick onto things such as laptops, lunch boxes, and water bottles to show off your favourite hobby.  I personally have a ring binder folder where I keep all of my D&D paperwork (such as character sheets, printed out adventures, handouts, flat miniatures) that I have covered in D&D stickers.

5. Candles

If you know your friend likes candles, why not buy her some? There’s something just lovely about having a candle lit at home, and it makes any room feel special.

A personal favourite of mine is cantrip candles, which makes candles that actually smell like different locations you’d find in a tabletop game.  I really love how thematic they are, even the matches they come with are themed as adventurer torches.

They’re also a great gift because they don’t scream D&D, they’re a little more subtle than that.  It’s a nice way to show you pay attention to her hobbies while still showing that you care about what she likes.

6. Soap

Everyone needs to use soap, so why not make it a little fun theme for your soaps?  Soaps are an easy gift to give, and they’re perfect for someone who enjoys their time in the shower (and be honest here, who doesn’t?).

I personally love the look of these d20 soaps and these gelatinous cube soaps. They’re both great gifts for someone who loves D&D, and they’re a lot cheaper than a lot of other gifts.  If you’re into diy craft you could even get some cheap dice and embed them in some homemade soaps for a unique gift.

7. Plush Toy

For those who enjoy plush toys, there are plenty of options out there. Some of my favourites are plushies of monsters, which are adorable and look exactly like cute versions of the monsters you’d see in the game.

Take a look around and there are tons of different D&D plush toys you can find, these all have my 7 year old daughters stamp of approval!

8. Pencil & Notebook

If they play in person, whether as a player or DM, they’ll have to take notes.

For players having a really nice mechanical pencil to write things down on their character sheet is a touch of luxury that adds to the gaming experience.  If they are the type of person to take notes while playing then a moleskin notebook in their favourite colour is also a fantastic gift.

9. Blanket

For DMs they’ll always need to be taking notes, so a nice pen or pencil and a notebook are also great additions to their DM kit.

Who doesn’t like snuggling up with a soft throw blanket on the couch?

If you want a feminine style blanket Etsy really is the way to go, I particularly like these Dungeon Meowster throw blankets for dungeon masters who are also cat lovers, they are super soft and come in a range of different colors.

10. Badges & Key Rings

Another great option has got to be this style of badges. They’re a great gift for anyone who plays RPGs, whether it’s D&D or another RPG. The reason I like them is that they’re super cute and they’re inexpensive.  Badges are also pretty in fashion these days, with women wearing them on their bags, jackets and hats.

Keyrings are similar, except they’re a little more expensive, but they’re a great gift for any gamer. You can find them with different styles on them, with decorations such as dice and characters, and they’re useful for carrying keys around on.

11. Travel Mug

Coffee!!! As a working mum, coffee is pretty much my lifeblood (and it’s the same for many other women).  So when I’m on the go in the early morning rush to school or work then my travel mug is my go-to thing to grab, the lifesaver that lets me take coffee with me when I’m not yet ready to face the day.

I like this Potion of Awakening Travel Mug as I think it’s a bit of funny D&D humour, and it’s a shape that fits in my car cup holder while still allowing me to bring lots of coffee with me.

12. D&D Books

This isn’t gender-specific, but books are one of the most needed things in D&D, and so no list of D&D gifts would be complete without the mention of some books.

If they’re new to the game, the Player’s Handbook is something every player needs.  Or if they’re going to be a DM, the Core Rules Gift Set comes with all the books they need plus a DM screen to get started, which is everything we think are the most necessary D&D books for DMs to get started.

If you’re looking for other books a few they may enjoy are:


There’s nothing wrong with getting a generic gift for your loved one. But giving them something related to their favourite hobby really shows you went out of your way to pay attention to what they like.

So instead of giving the woman or girl in your life a boring gift (ok, I’m sure the other gifts you were considering getting aren’t that boring), why not surprise her by giving her something D&D related?

It’ll make her happy, and will likely also be well used.



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